Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Handmade Delight : Koyri with First Giveaway

What is special about Valentine day.. except expecting Gifts ;)
Done are those days where you presume favours instead why don’t you get this 
or this
or this
as a Gift for you.
OR if you are a believer of Gifting then just match this
with that
or these
and Gift it to your Girlfriends or sister or mother or anyone who loves to accessorize with style ;)

Btw, this is not just an Accessory post, these are handmade jewellery by my cousin sis Gunjan, yeah the same ~G whom I had mentioned here. She is a self-taught artist who works on her designs when she is not at her full time job.
Just hop on to her newly designed website
Koyri Website
or check out her FB page with all the latest creations and updates,
Koyri Facebook Page
or customize your order her by emailing
Inflation is high but the prices here are minimal just to cover the raw material cost. So nothing can make us more happier. So pamper yourself or your friends this valentine day … thanks to Koyri :)

So this valentine day I’m bringing together two things i love; my readers and Koyri. And I would be doing that by keeping my first Giveaway especially for valentine day.
The best thing about this giveaway is it has no rules,

Gunjan will decide which comment she liked the best and you would get this lovely earring shipped to your home, courtesy Koyri :)

So what are you waiting for .. click on the links above … check out the accessories and click on the comment below. Don't forget to mention your name or email id if you are anon As the shipping is on its way, wherever you are :) 

P.S. Meanwhile don't forget to follow her blog  and like her page. :)


  1. Thanks a lot for this lovely giveaway Kanchan! You are the best! :) Waiting to see who the lucky winner is!
    The website *may* throw an error right now. There seems to be some problem. Sorry for the inconvenience but there is the facebook page and the blog that have all the pictures and info you need! So do take a look and leave your comments!!

    ~Gunjan @ Koyri

  2. Hey

    Beutiful accessories :) I liked the blue and green combo very much


  3. Loved the variety and colour combinations !
    Hope I get one :)

  4. Nice collection Gunjan.Lots of variety and colour combination.
    G for GOD
    G for Google and
    G for Gunjan

    Abhijit D

  5. I liked the one which u r giving away as a prize! Hope I get the same! :D

  6. Hats off to Gunjan for coming up with innovative designs!! All of them look amazing :).. I will go with white moti necklace !!

  7. Oh Great!!
    I found out Gunjan's Koyree just a few days back and I am awestruck by her creativity. I have myself been an off and on artist and crafts person, seeing her work reminded me how fulfilling it is. I just love anything which is handmade because someone has indulged in it lovingly for some moments.
    Good luck to Koyree and a great effort by a sweet loving cousin :-)

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  9. they look cute


  10. I have always been admiring the incredible designs and creative ideas of Gunjan and have always thought that one day I will compliment her for the natural talent that she has. Thanks to Kanchan, got a chance today.

    Cannot single out one particular creation, every single earring / necklace that Gunjan has created so far, is outstanding!! Right from organizing her beeds/raw materials to her final creations, everything is so disciplined and always so neat.

    Both these sisters' creations and blogs keep me inspired that we will always have(find) time to follow our hobbies!


  11. For a moment I thought I was at Koyri. Didn't know ~G's sis was a blogger too. I've done my bit of ordering at Koyri and that blue-green Warli which ~G has promised me already,is my personal favourite. Happy Valentine's Day to you.

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  13. Absolutely love the collection. I already bought more than a dozen - half for myself, half as gifts for friends - but ended up keeping almost all. Have a pair to match almost any dress I have. Looking to buy more next season, when I have new additions to my wardrobe. And I loved the light blue haathi ones above, ethnic looking and classy!

    Gave a couple to my American friends here, they really liked them :)(@G - I have an idea, why don't you teach me the skills, and we can open a US branch of Koyri)

  14. Wow, what great creations Gunjan, love them all, but love the blue colored (3rd from the top).

    What I loved is that they are all so nicely matched and bright and beautiful to go with any dress :)

    Good job, keep it up.

  15. very nice collection.I like the veriety n also color combination.

    Poonam Mishra

  16. Loved the collection...very awesome accessories...that's an perfect valentines day gift...

  17. All I can say is... Creativity at its best!! :) Hats off!!!

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  19. Luv ur creativity with colors and beads. Difficult to say which one I like most. Every piece has its own beauty.

    Shikha Agrawal

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  21. looks beauuuuuuuutiful...awesome collection..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  22. Wonderful accessories for every lady.I have checked all the new arrivals and found them to be very nice.Gift them to your dear ones and bring a smile on their face!



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