Monday, August 29, 2011

Travelling Foodie

“”You’re not an Indian Foodie if you haven’t relished @Dhabba.””

I had read this in one of the Food blog very long time back, and I was ashamed to accept this Fact. But at the start of this year we got to enjoy vegetarian special @one of the Jaipuri dhabba. The experience is totally commendable. 


The hot rotis - directly from the Chulla,


the Melodious Bharatpuri birds surrounding you..


we loved the typical Indian rural feel… sitting on the Khatt (cot) eating hot food…


And now I can conclude that I’m an Indian Foodie :D (The Foodie had eaten number of times, so he already is one)


From the rural Jaipur to Royal Jaipur, we also got to enjoy at Jaipur City Palace where you find .. Folk singers and dancers.


We had a Mangodi Pulao, and it had a total different palate as compared the Dhabba one.


But both are the extremes yet impeccable.

This was just some of the Food glimpses of our short trip to Jaipur. I’ve planned to cook these as and how time permits. So you can find some Marwadi cuisine posts coming soon.


  1. Wowww marvellous,beautiful dishes..

  2. Wow...What a feast!!!! Nice clicks too :)) Yup...nothing beats dhaba food..!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  3. wow...first time here thru BWW clicks...loved this post...u hv so tempted me to go in search of a dhabba! lovely clicks...very happy to follow u...


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