Thursday, August 25, 2011

AAloo Onion Mint Paratha


I had no valid reason, for not to post. It went from being lazy to post, to bored to click, too busy to cook, in short I was on undeclared unplanned unintentional break for last few months here. (:|

I had no plot to post soon, but then a colleague asked, blogger friends asked, close friends asked, Unknown readers asked, and then I thought.. c’mon gal.. Bhav mat kha :P

Anyways I have too many snaps in my blog folder, which if I decide to post once a week, they can last for couple of months. So here I go with one of my basic new Paratha. Basic cos it’s an Aloo Paratha and New cos it’s with a difference.


In my peas paratha post, I had openly resolved that I might try to cook not few but most of those 44 parathas, it’s been 2+years since then and this is just my third paratha in this space I-) , it’s never too late this is my fourth one, so only 40 to go :D

This is 90% of my Aloo paratha recipe , with few additions.


I added finely chopped onion, loads of finely chopped coriander leaves, handful of Mint Leaves, Ajwain – Carom seeds , Leftover grated boiled beetroot, and such similar miscellaneous leftover veggies.


This comes out fine, and you can have a guess game as to get the guess the veggies present along with the Potato. Nice way to spend a weekend with Guesstimating Brunch.

This goes to the Breakfast club  , theme for this month being Potato.


Thanks for Dropping By and taking the time to say Hello here! Your appreciation or criticism makes this small space of mine exemplary so Do Visit Again :)

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