Monday, February 28, 2011

Mixed Dal Dosa

Do you know, what is the current topic of discussion over Food in India? Its not about any recipe, dish, cuisine but about its Prices. They have reached sky high, how high ??

Today’s Indians can get Luxury, Comfort and Necessity at the same price –> Check your expense sheet, it will display :

Luxury Beer: 1can Rs.60
Comfort Petrol: 1 ltr Rs.60+
Necessity Onion: 1kg Rs.60++

Isn’t this Ironic ??



Was reading this article while having my south Indian breakfast. I’m seriously thinking about overcoming the inflation, its quite simple infact, avoid anything that is too high e.g. Garlic or Onion. Go for pulses, dals (touch wood, they are not affected by the inflation till now) . So this dosa can be a start point to this resolution, mix all dals and prepare a hearty wholesome breakfast.


You Need:

  • All types of Dals you want – Soak it overnight , I used – Toor Dal, Moong (husked and nonhusked) Dal , Chana Dal and Urad Dal (I used black one) : 1 measure each
  • IMG_4675
  • Rice : 1 measure – soak it overnight (or you can use 1 measure rice flour the next day into the batter)
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil to spread
  • Green chilli +1/2 inch ginger +fistful coriander leaves – Optional

You Do:

  1. Grind the soaked ingredients in a grinder-mixer to make fine batter. Drain out all the water and then grind.
  2. Add salt and the optional chillies,ginger and coriander leaves and grind these along with the batter. If you do not have soaked rice use rice flour here.
  3. Let the batter sit for say half an hour. Then take a ladleful of batter and spread on a hot pan into dosa.


Done ! Server with green chutney. This is quite different than our regular Dosas, very crispy and tender. Sending this to Susan’s MLLA – 32 hosted this month by Sandy :)


  1. I know it is so crazy about the prices. How will someone survive not eating or using necessary things, mainly food as basic food items are so expensive these days.

    Dosa looks awesome, even I posted adai today in my blog :)

  2. dosa is truly colorful n healthy

  3. Dosa sure looks delicious and protein packed. love the plate!

  4. Kanchan,

    Love the comparison n agree with sky rocketing prices of basic necessities..its an good n healthy combi dosa will def try it!!


  5. Hmm...Atleast now the onion prices have come down.....Loved the protein rich dosa..looks yumm

  6. Thats a nice post :) Love the dosa recipe too!

  7. lovely nutritious wholesome and healthy dosa.

  8. Dosa looks so crispy, delicious and healthy too! nice recipe..thanks for sharing!

  9. Protein rich nutritious dosas..

  10. Really ironic.....all at the same that dosa....healthy, yum and filling...

  11. Dosa looks delicious .. Love the wonderful protein recipe ... sure to be hit with the lil ones !!

  12. healthy n mouthwatering...

  13. delicious crispy dosa
    price increases are the topic everywhere in the world it is not affordable any more we have to be so thankful for what we have

  14. that's one healthy dosa...
    this is my 1st time to ur ur space...happy to follow u...

    drop by my blog when u get time...
    Thanks in advance


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