Monday, January 24, 2011

Very Sweet Century

After Sachin breaking unlimited records, its Personal Tadka aka Kitchen Gossip’s chance to hit its maiden century :D

Won’t start any Oscar winning speech here, but a couple of huge words says it all :

Thank you!!

Without all of you, I won’t be posting this, thanks and Love you.

So this is once again a Sweet, infact a Very Sweet Post.


We had a chilling winter this year, foggy mornings, misty evenings, subdued sunny afternoons, we loved it all. I belong to humid sultry Mumbai winters, so the only Hot stuffs that I prepared were – soups or fried items. The Foodie, who is from northern part of this country, had mentioned of having Hot Jilebis or Gulab Jamun during winters. He had brought this Ready Mix.IMG_4076

I’m too naive to prepare Jalebis from scratch, but even making them with the Mix was an experience to cherish. Homemade Jilebis are crunchy, soft and main is you can decide the sweetness.

Its quite easy to prepare –

  • Mix the content of the mix with the mentioned quantity of water. It should be a thick soft paste.
  • Add this to the Jilebi maker and prepare circular jilebis, like pretzels, in hot ghee. Fry this light golden.


  • Prepare a sugar syrup, boil it to make a thick consistency syrup. I used 1:1 measure of water and sugar.
  • Soak the fried Jalebis in the syrup for half a minute. Remove it immediately before it turns soggy. It turns dark golden. You can add food colour to get the right colour. IMG_4086

We had it hot, garnished them with some dry fruits – almonds, cashews, walnuts and pistachios. Few of them were somewhat chewy but most were crunchy and crispy with the crystallized sugary exterior coating.

Jilbi-Jalebi-Jilebi, whatever you call it was the only sweet I used to have as a kid, so when I prepared this @ home today, I loved it. If you like this sweet, you should try preparing this with the Mix.


Happy Cooking Guys !


  1. Congratulations on ur century and wish u the very best for many more centuries :):) Lovely jilebis, thanks for sharing.

  2. Congrats Kanchan for reaching this milestone, readymade mix jalebis looks yumm!

  3. Congratulations on ur first century and wishing u many more success...
    Jilebi looks delicious dear...

  4. Love the plumpy looking jalebi's.....and even I have the same plate dear..

  5. Congrats and wish many more posts to come...jalebi looks delish ...

  6. Congrats on your century, wish you many more thousands. Jileabi looks absolutely perfect.

  7. wowww... next time when I go to supermarket I will search for this ready mix :).. very nice!! ani century in this..gr8!!!

  8. congrats kanchan...jelabi looks delicious....

  9. thnks gals :)

    @Pratibha .. yeah when i bought it i knew this plate is quite famous in our blog world :))

    @Shante ... bdayy gurll .. try it today !!


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