Thursday, January 06, 2011

Chaat Chutney

As a kid, Chaat was just weekend special evening snack but today I have been having chaat nearly on daily basis. Today's working couples will agree on this, while returning home from work – having evening chaat is most accessible. To avoid this daily eat out I’ve decided to keep basic chaat ingredients on hand, so that I can prepare them whenever I want to.


To start off, I have prepared the basic ingredient – Meethi – Godd - Khatti Chutney, and stored in my Pantry.

You Need:

  • Jaggery (Gull) : 1/2 measure
  • Tamarind: 1/2 measure
  • Dates: 1 measure
  •  Water: 2 measures
  • Salt to taste

You Do:

  1. Mash dates, mince jaggery and chop tamarind into small pieces.
  2. Mix everything mentioned above, boil the mixture for about 5-10 mins, in accordance with the required consistency.
  3. Once it cools down, use a blender or grinder to make a smooth paste.  Remove tamarind threads if any.


We had a Chaat Weekend, so used this Sweet chutney then, but now I have refrigerated it in one of my sauces bottles. Planning to use this chutney on daily basis for evening snack, like might just take some sprouts, boiled potatoes whip up this chutney and then garnish with Shev, it will taste awesome.

Happy Cooking and Posting about it ! :)


  1. make it the same way and i liked your tip of pairing the chutney with sprouts n sev !!

  2. Yummy,tempts me so much to have some chaat :)

  3. tangy chutney we used in may things matter chat alloo chat

  4. never added date to tamarind chauney but it look great.

  5. My fav chutney...Craving for some chaat now .. ;)

  6. Makes me drool,one of my fav chutney.

  7. i m also a chat-o-holic! always have this chutney in my fridge!

  8. Delicious Chutney,drooling over ur presentation...too gud.

  9. i was searching for this for a long time... now i found it.... book marked dear...

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  10. Very useful chutney..nice recipe kanchan...

  11. All I could think about when I saw your chutney is dunking a hot, spicy samosa in it and gobbling it up! :)
    Have a very happy new year, Kanchan!


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