Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Radish green Snacks

How do you use Radish Leaves ?

Whenever I buy Radish, I plan to use them in one or other way, but I’ve observed they turn yellow- get dried up quite early, by next day. So this time I kept Meera’s  Muthiya recipe ready, and started on this dish as soon as Radish were in my kitchen.

I had prepared Methi Muthiya then and we loved it, so I repeated similar procedure with help of Meera’s recipe.


Taste wise I did not find much difference between the two, they are crispy - spicy and masaledaar, as usual ;)

We had it with chutney and ketchup. We had Citrus Blue drink along with these fried snacks – we need such cool drinks especially during October heat. We loved the overall combination.

This bookmarked recipe goes to Priya’s Bookmarked Tuesday.


  1. Yummy snack, that blue citrus drink is truly catchy..

  2. new and lovely snacks dear....

  3. I love muthiyas - such a delicious, guilt-free snack. Looks yummy too.

  4. Thanks for associating it with my event. I so want to prepare methi muthia and now this one as well, so bookmarking it myself :)


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