Beetroot cutlet - Blood Coloured fritters

I’m quite a fussy eater and as a kid I was more fussier. But my Mom is a smart lady, she used to prepare my favourite item with my not so favourite vegetable and I used to love it. Cutlet is such an item, mix anything in it but the final outcome is always adorable.


Beet Koshimbir\Raita\Salad was common at my place, though I love this salad today then as a kid I used to dodge it. So Mom used to prepare these Beet Cutlets and me and my BRO loved this – Blood Coloured fritters.

You Need: IMG_3902

  • Beet: 2 medium – pressure cooked – grated 
  • Potato: ½ - boiled – mashed \ OR you can use bread slices too
  • Coriander leaves : handful - minced
  • Green Chillies: 2-3 medium – minced
  • Cumin Powder: 1tsp
  • Coriander Powder: 1tsp
  • Flour (Maida) or Cornstarch or corn flour: 1tbsp
  • Semolina flour: 1tbsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Sugar to taste
  • Oil to shallow fry

You Do:

  1. Mix everything in BLUE. IMG_3903
  2. Make small balls and flatten them into cutlet shapes.
  3. Shallow fry till cooked from both sides.

Serve it with ketchup or just like that. Would love the soft insides with the crispiness in between.


Happy Cooking and Blogging about it :)


  1. Great way of consuming those veggies!Looks colorful.

  2. They look really good...i love beets in any form

  3. the cutlets look very lovely and yummy....crispy too...gonna try this soon!!

  4. Love the color dear....very nice and healthy recipe.

  5. Very tempting fritters, makes me hungry..

  6. beautiful colour and healthy cutlets

  7. cutlet looks simply superb....

  8. What a beautiful color !! Looks great

  9. Wow,what a colour! Nice idea of making cutlet with the beets!!

  10. hey, very interesting and healthy recipe. Looks delicious for beetroot.

  11. Hi Kanchan,

    Lovely colour ...Great cutlets...:)


  12. wow, love that deep red color, Kanchan!

  13. These cutlets are H's favourite... I have been promising of making them for ages.. never did sooo....

    Lovely one!! H will grab them fro mthe screen if I mention it!


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