Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SHA – SHO or CHA – CHO uKa

Internet still ON-OFF.. :(, will trying to be back fulltime soon, till then one of my long lying draft :)

After you start food blogging you tend to bookmark too many recipes and always plan to try them sometime soon. I bookmark recipes for various reasons, most of the times to try out the innovative flavours of the dish but there are other reasons too; like if I get fond of the drooling visual snaps or even if the write-up of the post interests me or if I’m amused with the name of the recipe.

Yeah, I’ve handful of recipes bookmarked only cos of its witty names.

One of such was ShakShouka, nothing weird about this but to many SHA – SHO or CHA – CHO while pronouncing, which pleased me enough to bookmark this African dish. I found it initially @ Yasmeen later @ Faiza… it’s a Tunisian dish - quite a new area for me. IMG_3729

I followed Yasmeen’s recipe, Faiza has added Potatoes and eggplant which I didn’t have else both the recipes are on similar lines.

I loved the Onion, tomato and Green Pepper base sauce for the eggs.  I added green chillies and black pepper to it, which made the overall dish quite spicy.

We had it with Toasted Slice Bread; it was supposed to be Brunch but turned much heavier than a normal weekend Lunch. IMG_3730

Thanks girls for sharing such a diverse and appetizing recipe.


  1. Ohh tell me about it....I too bookmark so many recipes :) and I did bookmark this one too..glad that you tried and now that tempting :)..looks yum

  2. This is a delicious looking dish. Nice recipe.

  3. yummmm.. looks really delicious :)

  4. Thats a droolworthy dish, prefect for brunch..

  5. Hi kanchan, so nice to see you back...very unique name,but the dish looks really nice, worth trying one..

  6. thanks for sharing this somehow I missed the recipe at Yasmeen's. looks delicious.

  7. this is a new dish to me but looks so delicious! how can one ever go wrong with some all these veggies, eggs and toasted bread :) hope your internet gets better soon..

  8. Nice bookmarked recipe Kanchan,,
    comout so delicious.

  9. that is an interesting dish and I like your explanation of pronounciation of this. I too have too many recipes bookmarked which I need to try. The list just keeps on growing with all these wonderful recipes in the blog world :)

  10. Thanks for trying the recipe dear. Actually even I have not added any potatoes and eggplant in it..its just that I have suggested it in the variations :) Yasmeen's and my recipe are exactly the same coz we both followed the recipe given by the cooking group, of which we were members:)
    Thanks again dearie for trying and letting me know about it...It means a lot to me.

  11. @Priti,
    Infact that’s the case with me too.. when someone else tries out my bookmark it’s a good Reminder :D so waiting for your SHA-SHO dish soon ;)

    Thanks gals !

    Yeah do try out .. quite a heavy brunch and very healthy too.

    Seeing first time here … thanks dear !
    Hope to see you often around.

    Yeah check out yasmeen n faiza’s snaps .. they are drool worthy !

    I’m not only hoping but praying … cos its been a daily dose of irritation from me when I’m back from work and internet signal ranges from 1 to 3 never reaching 5 .. uffff !!! Once its full .. I’ll be full time soon !

    Thanks jyoti !

    Yeah ! I’m getting a feel I’ll soon be posting only about my bookmarks cos they are covering most of my folder memory ;)

    Thanks to you dear !
    I just loved your snaps.. and the dish looked so delicious had to try it ! Infact when I saw it on your space it was a good reminder about Yasmeens recipe too !
    Thanks once again :)

  12. Dear Kanchan
    This dish is great...I went to Faiza, but could not find the recipe...need to give a search tomorrow...
    I liked your comments at my blog...hummm..just make up your mind , you and foodie, buy ticket and land at Hong Kong and Macau ...u can decide in the morning and take flight in the evening ...visa on arrival and no hassle.
    But go after the typhoon season
    I am sure you are having exciting time settling down in your new house...
    Have a nice day

  13. The name might be a tongue twister but the dish sure is a tongue tickler with all the flavor combo.thanks for following my recipe :D

  14. @Da,
    I’ve mentioned the link “@ Faiza” .. just click on Faiza, hope you get it.
    We’ve been so busy with one thing or another that both of us are desperate for a vacation, so whenever someone posts about their travelogue it just kicks me for a simple vacation. IF we do plan will take your advice for sure.

    Totally agree with you, it has amazing blend of flavors. Thanks to you dear, just loved your beautiful pics and I had to bookmark it.


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