Thursday, June 10, 2010

Homemade Cottage Cheese

Homemade adj. means Made or prepared in the home OR Made by oneself OR Crudely or simply made.

Long long time back this word might not have existed as mostly everything was homemade :P But today we do say – this cake is homemade or homemade ginger-garlic paste. Even I thought of trying my hand on something homemade – Paneer. IMG_3751

Till the time you try something at home you have no idea how simple it is! And it does give soothing satisfaction that you prepared something that you normally spend an hefty amount on.


Homemade Paneer – Cottage Cheese

You Need:

  • Milk: 2 litres
  • Lemon juice \Vinegar: about 10 tbsp (I used both)

You Do:

  1. Boil Milk in a huge base yok, stir in between so that milk doesn’t stick to the base.
  2. As the milk starts to boil add Lemon juice slowly while stirring. IMG_3747
  3. This separates the curd from the whey (the remain milk is called so .. learnt from wiki)
  4. Drain out the whey with help of clean muslin cloth, press out the excess water. (This drained whey can be used for kneading wheat flour\rice\noodles – I added to prepare noodles) IMG_3749
  5. Keep this drained curd with the cloth under a heavy stone for about one hour.
  6. Then refrigerated this paneer immediately.IMG_3750

We normally have this extra couple of litres of milk on weekly basis. Most of the time we indulge in extra curd\buttermilk or some sweet dish like basundi\rabdi. But after today’s trial I feel I can use up this for Paneer, which later can be used up for some special delicacy :)

How do you use up your extra milk ??


  1. Home made paneer is really the best, soft and fresh, yours have come out perfect too kanchan,...i usually use extra milk for making kheer or milk peda...

  2. Wow home made paneer is always fresh ans soft..Comeout well.

  3. i have never made home-made paneer.. but i so want to try now. particularly in summer may be, when the heat will assist me :) i make shevayachi kheer with the extra milk.

  4. Home made always better..and ur looks gud...u got it just let's wait for paneer recipes then? ;)

  5. Kanchan, love step by step pics. I have tried this at home, home made's taste is soooooo good and nice. Will prefer home made any time :)

  6. I love making paneer at home, they tastes better and more tasty when compared with the store bought one..awesome post Kanchan..

  7. I prefer home made paneer to the store bought one. Yours have come out really well :-)

  8. @sushma,
    Milk Pedha is interesting, never thought of trying it. I always get a feel and pedha is out of my scope :P

    Yups very soft, it just crumbles easily

    Shevayachi Kheer is also something I haven’t yet prepared, I just feel better to boil the milk alone for basundi than with something ;)

    Yeah .. thanks to your comment I clicked last minute the paneer dish I prepared yesterday :)
    I haven’t used the homemade paneer till now, this was first but quite inspirational for me to prepare it again :D

    True and gives much more satisfaction of having dish with homemade stuff.

    Thanks ! I think from now on even I will prefer the homemade only :)

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  10. No doubt home made paneer tastes great!! It is so soft and delicious.
    Well when I have extra milk , i make curd and use it for Aviyal or kadhi.

  11. Looks soo perfect and yummy. Cottage cheese looks soo perfect.

  12. I agree with you on "homemade" thing. noting was store brought in our childhood.

    Paneer looks nice and soft. I want try this from so many days...always end up using "storebrought" ;)

  13. we love everything home made...great job!! can almost taste the fresh paneer...

  14. Hi Kanchan,
    My first time here, your blog is very interesting. Cottage cheese looks soo yummy.


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