Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Finish Off Sandwich

Most Saturday Mornings you will see Me and The Foodie assembling varied types of Sandwiches as our Brunch. The only stuffs go in for these sandwiches are – Fresh Bread + all the half vegetable remains from the week. Among these potatoes and boiled egg are the common ingredients and others are the left over or long time to be used up vegetables.

We had this boiled beetroot lying from the raita last week and so we prepared this Red stuffing Sandwich with Beetroot as its main component.  You can change this main vegetable in accordance to your choice or the one you have. We have replaced this with Green Peas , Cabbage and Carrot till now , do tell me what else do you find suitable to go with this stuffing?? /:)


Mix up Vegetable Toast Sandwich

You Need:

  • Bread slices of your choice: about 6
  • Butter – to apply as spread
  • Mayonnaise – to apply as spread
  • Cheese Slices or Grated Cheese
  • Potatoes: One large or two medium – boiled, peeled and mashed
  • Beetroot: One – boiled, peeled and mashed\grated
  • Onion: 1 – finely chopped
  • Egg: 1-2 boiled and mashed
  • Green Chillies: 2-3 finely minced
  • Chaat Masala: 2-3 tbsp
  • Pepper: 1-2 tbsp
  • Salt to taste

You Do:

  1. It cannot get any simpler, Mix everything in BLUE.
  2. Apply butter and mayo on the bread slices then the stuff the stuffing.
  3. If you are using grated cheese then mix with the stuffing else use half a cheese slice for one sandwich.
  4. Toast\grill the sandwich as you like it.IMG_3745

We had this with spicy ketchup – loved this Quite filling Brunch!


Kitchen Property Stove Bread Toaster

I have this inherited Stove Toaster – yeah Moms mom had given it to her and me convincingly dhopofied stole from my Mom. :ar! I love this stove toaster better than the current electric one we have at Mom’s place – may be cos we can manually decide how crunchy or brown we want the slices to be – else the electric one directly tells up to change the slices in accordance with its time and heat.finish sandwich

This is my favourite sandwich maker till now!

So what’s up with the Toaster you all use??


  1. Adding beets is such gud idea n makes it so colourful...nice pics...my toaster I use very rarely ...it's a Philips one

  2. Healthy filling, nice clicks....looks delicious

  3. What a lovely colour! The toast looks delicious. My MIL has the same toaster as you have :-)

  4. delicious with all those mixed veggies.. !!

  5. I always add beets in the sandwiches..they add sucha nic colour to them..I too have used pretty much the same ingredients as u have mentioned..may be some paneer too.,

  6. Kanchan, Those are some really yummy looking sandwiches and a filling lunch as well. I love my sandwich maker as well. Will try to post pic later :)

  7. beet has given it such a nice colour. lovely easy sandwitch.

  8. Beets sandwich loooks colorful and healthy..

  9. Very tempting and catchy sandwich..Truly looks awesome..

  10. It's always best to finish off the leftovers in the sandwich, looks so good but I prefer the electric one and I use it to my convenience.

  11. SAndwiches look great... First time at your place. You have a nice blog :)

  12. the pink sandwich looks delicious (believe it or not there are hundreds of young girls who would go ga-ga over a name like pink sandwich ;)) and the toaster is so unique, i have never seen a stove-top toaster like this one before.. sure a treasure!

  13. @Priti,
    try to use toaster regularly ... easiest way to prepare a breakfast :)

    Thanks !

    Guess its the earlier generation's trendy device ;)

    Never added Paneer, I had then when I prepared this toast - so next time will add n try :)

    yups sure .. waiting for the pics.

    Thanks ..even I love the dark red color of this veggie ...

    Thanks dear !

    hey thanks .. hope you liked around .. do visit often :)

    yeahh ... never reaslised this PINK - connection ;)
    and this toaster is sure an mom's generation treasure .. I just love to dhapofy from her ;)

  14. The picture of your stove toaster brought back happy memories of my childhood. We had one in about 1969ish. I remember the cheese always leaked out through the joints. Great sandwiches though, they seemed very exotic in those days.


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