Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Wrap the Frankie

Name changes but the product is the same – Call it Wrap OR Burrito OR in our style Frankie.  It’s Roll of chapatti OR Tortilla with stuffing of your choice.  We have this famous Mumbai’s Tibb’s Frankie at Shivaji Park. It’s a small Stall but serves delectable assortment of Frankie and street food is always favourite, rt ;;)
My Mom used to prepare a simple wrap inspired from the Chinese Egg Frankie, and this goes to Divya’s Global Kadai: Indian flavored Burrito originally started by Cilantro.
IMG_3701 We had these for our breakfast – quite tasty and totally stodgy.
You Need:

  • Chapatis or chapatti dough for 2
  • Eggs: 2
  • Green chillies: 2 – finely chopped
  • Mix Vegetables: shredded I used – Cabbage, Capsicum, Onion
  • Chinese Sauces of your choice: 1tbsp – I normally use Soya, Red chilli and Vinegar
  • Milk: 2 tbsp
  • Mayonnaise: 2 tbsp
  • Ketchup of choice: 2tbsp
  • Ghee\Butter: 1-2 tbsp
  • Coriander Leaves: for garnishing
  • Pepper to taste
  • Salt to taste
You Do:
  1. Roll out Chapatis\Phulkas out of chapatti dough OR Use readymade tortillas\ Chapatis.  Heat griddle, Cook the Chapatis from both side.
  2. Beat the egg vigorously; add milk + salt + pepper + finely chopped chillies.
  3. Heat Oil in a pan, sauté all veggies for couple of minutes, Add salt + pepper + all the sauces. Sauté for few more minutes and turn of the flame. IMG_3694
  4. Heat pan – add ghee\butter; Pour Egg mixture- in about one minute when half done press the Chapatti over it Frankie
  5. Let the omlette stick properly to the chapatti; flip it and heat for half a minute. This completes our wrap.
This completes the preparation; assemble it with adding the sautéed veggies in the centre on the omlette side, garnish with coriander leaves; distribute ketchup + mayonnaise. Frankie1
Wrap it across the way you want and bite it while in a car (which is not advised) OR preferably bite it while you are half lying on your Bean bag and reading your favorite gossip in the newspaper ;)IMG_3700
Happy Cooking and Posting  about it !


  1. Oh dear !! that looks tempting...Frankie was one of my favourite street still is :) Wish I can grab one frankie from that plate.

  2. lovely yummmmmmmmmmy frankies very tempting and mouth watering.

  3. wow kanchan thats a mouthwatering easy and yum,will surely give it a try

  4. nice that did it from scratch..completely fullfilling bfast.

  5. Lovely wrap, like the omlette in it:)

  6. Love the way you add the egg to the chapathi and then rolling it up. Thanks for sending this in :)

  7. Woww wat a droolworthy wraps, looks too tempting!!

  8. Cool,with egg and the veggies it must be really filling!

  9. Wraps look so good dear...superb

  10. Lovely frankies Kanchan...
    Comeout so perfect.

  11. Frankie looks great...I always make these with eggs...loved the filling you used.

    I am drooling here...!!!

  12. looks so yummy and delicious, Kanchan! i am drooling over my pc right now.. oh, i have to have a frankie soon now :)

  13. @All,
    Thanky thanku thnku :)

  14. yummy frankies...perfect for on the go picnics

  15. Dear Kanchan
    Very nice dish..and the clicks too.
    have a lazing sunday ahead

  16. @sharmilee,
    Thanks !
    Lazy Sundays to Picnics these Wraps go off great ;)

  17. delicious food.. my mouth is watering..

  18. hi
    Its so Yummmmyyyy looking, a sure try for me...
    I make a frankie but with chicken and i use a onion mix of onion+coriander+chat masala for garnish...


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