Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cake .. Pudding or what ?

Yay !!! Congratulate me, I just baked refrigerated my first Cake Pudding (As Namitha puts it). Whatever it is I We Loved it ! IMG_3724

One of my co-SIL had mentioned about this recipe quite long back but I totally forgot about it till I saw it here. (Look out for the details in the original recipe) I planned to prepare it over the weekend and brought Marie biscuits as mentioned but totally forgot about the Cocoa Powder; and so at the last moment thought of substituting it with molten Chocolate bar.So this adaption also goes to Nupur’s Blog Bite 3 Adaption. IMG_3719

I Google searched for melting a chocolate bar – there were couple of videos and write ups but I preferred my original way :P – I boiled the milk +sugar and went on adding couple of chocolate pieces at a time; stirring vigorously. Done – the molten chocolate should be thick enough. I used Swedish Choco Bar – The Foodie had brought it couple of months back from Finland – these had Almond Croquants and helped to give the rich taste.

Just Dip each Marie biscuit into this dip and keep it one over other – like Lagori :P  Refrigerate it till the chocolate freezes – slice and serve cold.  IMG_3723

I had poured remaining chocolate over the cake hence the dripping look.

There was no single reason for us to celebrate with sweet – may be Akshay Trutiya :D They say whatever you buy on this day is never diminishing – though I prepared this sweet it din’t even last a Day … do try it out ;)

This also goes to No Bake Cake event by Aparna.marie

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  1. Congrats dear. The no bake cake looks yummy, who would not love to indulge in chocolate..

  2. Beautiful marie cake, makes me drool Kanchan...awesome work..

  3. yummmmmmmmmmmmy mouth wateing and tempting cake.

  4. Great sweet dish Kanchan...looks so good....I like your presentation :)

  5. Incredibly simple dessert.Marie biscuits and dark chocolate both are my favorite snack time treats,never thought of combining them though,sounds yum :D

  6. This has been in my to-do-list for a long time now.. Dh wud go gaga for this.. :)
    Looks simply delicious dear!!

  7. I loved this one too in namitha's blog..superb & tempting clicks kanchan, very nice...

  8. Congrats on ur bake. Lovely and simple dessert.

  9. Wow, they have come out so well, just like the original one. Now, you guys are tempting me, I too should try it out.

  10. simply great ....a very different sweet for akshay thr any alternative for marie biscuits ...??

  11. Very innovative way to make this dessert,simply delicious and ever so chocolatey.My 1st visit here following your blog, do drop by simplyfood.

  12. yum yum yum my maa used to make this but she would have added some grated coconut to the creamy mix. looks delish and congrats on the no bake cake.

  13. I hav seen this too,but not yet tried so far,looks sinful! Without baking! man one should sure try this :)

  14. oh looks mouthwatering kanchan..and its so eays no?

  15. @Pari,
    @kitchen queen,
    thanks dear ! :) :)

    Even I had never thought of this, especially making the most healthy biscuit so full of chocolate

    :D Do try, we were delighted with the output.

    @ms. Chitchat,
    Thanku !

    Do give it a try its just 15 minutes cake, yet sinful !

    Ha ha .. just an occasion for the desert ;)
    I guess marie can be easily replaced with any other biscuit which is equally crispy one.

    Thanks dear ! hope to see you often around.

    Oh coconut here – that seems new will try it this way next time ..

    Yups .. very easy one .. quite delectable.

    Thanks !

  16. Congarts kanchan..this looks so tempting cake.

  17. Wow...They look wonderful !! Glad that you all loved it :-)

  18. Wow it looks yummy and finger-licking. Looks sooo delicious...

  19. Its finger licking good.I m drooling here....cake/pudding looks inviting n tempting......
    Drop in sometime

  20. I also make this but do have a different version.

    Yours look very yummy!! nice click.

  21. Here after a long break !! Looks so yummy and also very simple .

  22. Looks real mouthwatering. No bake pudding looks superb. My SIL also makes it, but never tried it myself.

  23. @panchpakwan,
    Thanks !

    Thanks to you...for wonderful recipe :)

    Thanks for dropping by … hope to see you often around :D

    Oh .. would love to check out your version too ..

    Yeah .. you were missed around ! Thanks.

    Quite simple infact, do give it a try.

  24. that looks awesome... simple and delicious

  25. wow this looks great - but I am amazed you have marie biscuits - I thought they were Australian as I have never seen them elsewhere - now I am curious about them


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