Monday, February 22, 2010

Marwadi ishtyle Peeth Perun Masala Bhendi

Yeah ! Read it right !! Such weird combination dish names are common when you have criss cross marriage. The original name of the Marwari recipe is BESANWALI BHINDI and the preparation is very similar to the way Maharashtrians prepare the recipe with Gramflour, hence the combo name.


Infact this recipe itself is the combination of two types of stuffed Okra preparation ; one with Masalas and other with Besan and onion. I got this recipe from my Sanjeev Kapoors online cookbook.

Source : Sanjeev kapoors Besanwali Bhindi – Marwari style.

Normally whenever I jot about the Bookmarked recipe I never give minute details, as I want and prefer that whoever reads this space should visit the original source hence giving the right credits.

So skipping details, Majorly You Need: 

Okra , Onion, Besan and Masalas to stuff the Okra. I followed SK and used all the mentioned Masalas – Turmeric Powder, Garam Masala, Cumin Powder, Dry Mango (Amchur) Powder, Fennel Seeds- crushed, Red Chili Powder and Coriander Powder.

You Do:

Mix all the masalas in BLUE along with salt. Slit the Okras so that you can stuff the slits with the prepared masala mix. Heat up Oil in Non – stick, Temper with Onion Seeds – I din’t have then so I used Sesame Seeds instead. Sauté onion in oil till it caramelizes. Then add the Besan and roast it for 3-4 mins. IMG_3572 Later add the stuffed Okra and let it cook with lid covered. If it takes more time, sprinkle some water so that steam fastens the cooking time.Stir occasionally; okra is done when it turns light brown and crispy.IMG_3573

This is a nice variation to the normal routine okra dish.

Thanks to the main ingredients Amchur and Saunf, this goes to following event :


Happy Cooking and Posting about it !


  1. bhendi is my favorite veggie..and that too peeth perun is one such variety..looks really good and like the step by step presentation..

  2. one of my most favorite veggies...loved it..been a while i made peeth perun variety !!

  3. Wow Kanchan looks so to have with Bhakari :)

  4. Love it! I make something similar with bhindi, peanuts and gram flour. This looks fantastic!

  5. i will never have enough of bhindi...this is a nice variation for me to try

  6. Very interesting combo...looks good dear :)

  7. aye haye! Nice Nice.. No credits?? :(

  8. Very nice recipe and looks extremely delicious and would be so perfect with roti anyday...thanks for sharing kanchan

  9. This is really interesting variation with bindhi.. will surely give it a try :)

  10. Masala bhindi looks great and yummy....

  11. I loveee bhindi..and in any form...masala bhindi looks delicious...and makes me hungry!

  12. Bhindi the maharashtrian style looks awesome Kanchan. Will try this one soon!

  13. I appreciate for your wonderful presentation with step by step pictures. Bhindi looks so delicious that I cannot resist myself. I am very much fond of bhindi.

  14. Awesome dish.Looks great and so tempting.I too made it last month with a slight variation.

  15. Wow kanchi dear. Peeth perun masta lagel bhendi. My mom makes it with bhajani. Good to see u back with a bang, and do not feel low when foodie is not there just knock my door and we can chat.

  16. I have tasted it.. but never tried though.. will surely try it.Bookmarked and thanks for the recipe dear. Looks yummy ..and my fav veggi too.

  17. @Deepa,
    Bhendi is The Foodie’s favorite, so had been collecting various recipes.

    I had not prepared this variety, this one was quite new to me.

    Never had with bhakari but true Would taste similar to Zhunka !

    Infact after reading your comment even I feel peanuts would go great with this combination.

    @kitchen queen,
    Thank you.

    Yups you can try it !


    Oye !! this is different one … haven’t tried your version yet, soon will give it a try and whole and sole credit to you honey !

    Yes, it goes perfect with Roti.

    Do let me know if you like it.

    Thanks dear !

    That’s nice, and the besan gives it different angle totally.

    At Sanjeev Kapoors its mentioned as Marwadi style, but the steps are very similar to Maharashtrian recipe !

    Thanks dear.

    That’s nice , guess these are the Bhendi days totally.

    Infact when he was not around I was missing in my own kitchen, planned to go on diet with fruits instead ended with many To Go’s of junkie.
    But liked your idea of experimenting in kitchen, that would be my priority next time ;)

    Thank you! Do let me know if you like this.

  18. Hey Kanchan...I'm a Marwari and this besanwali bhindi happens to be my favourite :)

    The magic ingredients in it are indeed amchur and saunf...I also like to sprinkle lots of coriander leaves on it after putting off the tastes nice too :)

  19. wow kanchan behndi looks very tempting...i love this...ur r very tempting

  20. Hi
    Bhindi bhaji looks delicious and tasty!! I made bhindi today, not stuffed...

  21. Love stuffed's been ages since I had this...You made me craving for them, now :D

  22. Wow... Just wow... Okra is one all-time fav for both DH and me (one place where we both agree!) and this one sure will be a hit... Bookmarking ur bookmark! :)

  23. @Varsh,
    Hey Nice to see you here. The Besan and masala give the crispy taste to this instead of the normal soft okras.
    I always forget the poor coriander leaves and recollect when they are near to turn yellow then prepare coriander paratha.

    Thank you.

    Even I normally prepare the Okra fry and keep the stuffed ones for special occasions.


    Thanks dear, I dint prefer the Okras earlier cos don’t like the soft smashy version but nowadays prefer these crisyp versions.

  24. Sounds very interesting!Will try and let you know

  25. I love besan in my dry veggies especially stuffing, love the dish!

  26. Wish you and your family a very Happy Holi.

  27. first time here ..
    u have a good collection of recipes..most of the recipes are new to me..okara is one of our favorite..good recipe..


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