Thursday, February 11, 2010

Google to cook

What happens when ?

Camera Missing ….. Batteries Cells Missing for the Other Camera … OR you don’t prepare Anything Interesting / Non – Interesting then …

No Gossip in Kitchen :(

So what if no Gossip, I’ve too many old Gossip which I haven’t shared yet :P

Enough of Pakofying 8-} …. I met this huge food blogging world thanks to Google ! After that I tried and tasted too many of food blog recipes; but even today there are many recipes I just Google and still it leads to this space of ours.

Yeah I found these ones when I Googled, for something specific and guess what.. Met our friends there :D

Raddish Greens Poriyal

Though I often follow Malar’s vast blog cookbook, I found this recipe when Googled for Radish Leaves recipe. This was for our weekday dinner on one boring day, so wanted to prepare the Green in some new way.


Verdict: I am a big time nautanki especially wrt Green Vegetables while The Foodie loves anything veg :D So I had my apprehension about Radish Leaves. But liked this version with peanuts and red chili, it gave a very Maharastrian feel to the Poriyal :)

Aloo Bhendi

I wanted to prepare the authentic North Indian recipes all starting with Aloos :D So I started with The Foodies favorite Okra – I got a huge list of Authentic recipes ;;) but somewhere down the line I spot one of my favorite blog name – Sailus Kitchen so obviously I had to try her version of Aloo Bhendi.


Verdict: I had known that the typical North Indian spices are added along with the tempering stuffs in the heated oil, but never tried earlier. But this really helps each and every spice to get into every piece of okra. It was the perfect restaurant ishtyle of Aloo Bhendi. Thanks Sailaja :)

After two months of posting this Kitchen chronicle is hosting T&T-Saliu's Kitchen original event by Zlamushka, So off goes my Aloo Bhendi to this event.

So Do Google to Cook :D


  1. that Poriyal..looks real interesting..i also see something interesting and nice in the plate...brinjal bhajji, just guessing !!!

  2. Isnt it interesting, so many recipes are just a click away :) Our blog world is full of so many yummy and delicious recipes:)
    Both the veggie dishes have come out so well:) Looks yummy!

  3. Dear kanchan
    How are you?
    Started reading blogs from today , I was off and now suddenly had to land in Milano for few weeks, ( exhausted all pocket money).
    well great right up indeed and I like radish leaves in all form and you have seen the leaf recipe of mine..
    Let me see what great recipes you have posted in my absence....Have a nice weekend with dear foodie

  4. kanchan,

    Aloo bhendi and raddish poriyal looks really good. For me also, google friend helps in the deciding which recipe i want to go for,

  5. Great dishes dear...the poriyal sounds very interesting...need to try that one :)

  6. radish veggie and favorites..too good. love the platter..

  7. radish greens poriyal is something very interesting and new,seems very healthy,simple and delicious...and aloo bindi is one of my fav side dish for chapathi,will try using this recipe next time...lovely clicks kanchan...

  8. @SE,
    Yeah.. sahi jawab ! We call it Vangyahi Kapi.. these are shallow fried not deep fried like bhajji.

    Totally agree with you, means initially I used to Google then get to one blog from there other and so on. Thanks to it I met you all :)

    Hello .. how are you ? Yeah got an idea that you are out of country; Milano means WOW !! How is it over there? Waiting for snaps and pizzaaass :)
    Missing you still on your blog!

    Infact I think we all are friends thanks to Google, cos initially atleast when we are not known to food blog Google helped meet us all.

    Thank you.


    Even for me Radish leaves poriyal was totally new. I normally avoid using potatoes with Okra but loved this dish.

  9. Poriyal looks yummy and interesting....Perfect side dish for chapathi...

  10. Wow that nice way to use radish leaves..loved the recipe...

    Do checkout my 1st event dear...

  11. the poriyal looks tasty.and this remind me that i shud post some tried n tasted too. get ur camera ready soon ( if thats the real reason :)

  12. wow this looks really tasty... and yes google make it so easy for us to try new and interesting recipes...

  13. @Tina,
    Yes Perfect with Rotis and healthy too !

    Oh .. Wow new event this seems interesting :)

    yeah thats the real reason, infact my camera is traveling out of country currently !
    So waiting for it to return :)

    yay ! we all are Google fans !

  14. Redish green poriyal is new to the pics and tempting me..

  15. Interesting recipe, loved the green!!

  16. Lovely recipes,never tried radish greens so far,but sounds healthy!

  17. That dish looks delicious! I love raddish greens...



  18. Hey, your pics are always too good.. got some awards for you at

  19. Hi kanchi dear, I remembered u suddenly in the morning and was wondering how are u, had not read ur post since a long time, so came to check here and realised I had missed out ur google gossip.
    The poriyal looks very interesting. Bhindi I like in any form..
    Take care dear.

  20. Okra and potato- Nice Combination.

  21. @All,
    Thanku !

    Congrats for the awards and thank you so much for sharing with me !

    Thanks ya for remembering me , was totally busy with work so haven't been around here or even around yours, will visit your updates too soon !


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