Friday, December 25, 2009

X’mas with an ALE

Whenever The Foodie is asked to bring veggies from market, I totally trust him on Quality but on Quantity (!!!!) He brought quarter kg of Ginger yesterday, and I’ve no idea how many months its gonna last !! :-/ IMG_3051

For last couple of years, I had been to one of my colleague’s place for Christmas and she used to prepare wonderful Ginger Ale with rum for the occasion. So today I decided to prepare the same but a virgin version :D IMG_3060

You Need:

  • Ginger: Peeled and Grated/Crushed – about 4-5 tbsp
  • Sugar: 2-3 tbsp
  • Water: 2 cups
  • Lemon: 1/2
  • Salt to taste
  • Carbonated Water(Soda)

You DO:

  1. Preparing Syrup : Mix ginger and water and bring water to boil. Let it simmer for about 20 mins or so, hence reducing the mix to about 1 cup. IMG_3053 Add sugar and salt and let it simmer till sugar dissolves. Check the balance if the concentration is fine, let it cool, then strain and refrigerate till you use it. IMG_3056
  2. Serving : Take couple of ice cubes in a glass, add few drops of fresh lime juice and about 1/4 max measure of syrup. Stir the SODA with this, taste the balance, add more syrup if required. IMG_3057

I avoided ice cubes due to cold :(

Done !! Garnish with Lime Wedge ! If you prefer a bit spicy you can add fresh small chili along with ginger or if you need it with some flavor you can add fresh fruits while serving. We also had it with flavored carbonated drinks like Fanta, it was perfect. Enjoy !! IMG_3061

Merry Christmas !! Lots of Love and Hugs !!


I personally use less concentration of syrup, else the color is brown. And also the ginger placed besides Ale is just for photography ;) its not served with it :))

Bookmarked Pakodas with Mushroom

 IMG_3013Yes, you read it right Pakodas with Mushroom ! Even I thought that I over read Suhma’s Crispy Onion Mushroom Pakodas, as mushroom don’t really fit in Pakodas category ! But only Sushma can give us such varied recipes :)

IMG_3014The snap is no justice to  the snack, Thanks to the FLASH =((

Hers is one of the blog which I can always trust for any snack or starters. Thanks Sush for all the lovely Hatke recipes :D Sending this to EC for her WYF: Tea Time Snack.

IMG_3015Verdict:  As delicious as any snack can get, I planned it as a starter but had it as snack. The Fo odie uttered this on his first bite “Waah… Mazza aa gaya ” =P~

As I mentioned earlier, Me planning to go for the 7 day recipe Marathon started by Nupur which starts today.So my above mentioned recipes go in as Recipe #1 and #2 for this marathon ! Here you can find other bloggers opted for the marathon, so its raining recipes for the coming seven days :)


  1. Hi kanchan,thanks for trying and am happy u liked them too..Never tried making this ginger syrup,sounds really interesting and must be very good with lime...and merry xmas and a very happy new year to you and your family,hope u have a fun filled year with lots of love & happiness..

  2. Sounds interesting and refreshing...

  3. Dear Kanchan ,Ginger syrup sounds new and interesting .Just dropped by to wish u and your family a very Happy & prosperous New Year!

  4. The ginger ale looks wonderful! And the pakoras are to die for! Great start to the marathon :)

  5. Dear Kanchan
    Merry Chistmas to you and family.
    Got busy arranging material for the ginger Ale, so bit late.
    The market is flooded with fresh ginger and they perish even faster in the fridge too.
    Taste will be fantastic, I am a Bong so put some more Sugar. I have added green chili too.
    Delhi is quite cold when others will have a Virgin ALe..I will mix a dash of Bacardi and Drambuie.
    Hvae a nice weekend with dear foodie

  6. Ginger ale is fantastic perfect in this season..merry christmas and a happy new year !!
    Can try some alepak with all that extra ginger :-)

  7. So easy to make..Ginger ale..looks refreshing..nice energizer for the marathon :)

  8. Homemade ginger ale -- wonderful! It looks so pretty with the fresh lemon. Pakodas look great, too :)

  9. Perfect for the winter..nice drink!!

  10. @Sushma,
    Merry xmas to you too ! thank you for sharing such wonderful recipes :)

    Thanks dear !

    Merry xmas to you too !

    Thank you :)

    Merry xmas to you too !
    Yes, its raining festive season , perfect virgin or non virging ale to celebrate it :D

    Merry xmas to you too ! I know ... I have heard this guy shouting "Alepaaaaak" during winter here in Pune, do you know how to prepare this ?

    Thank you :) Start off required the energizer !

    Thank you ! did i mention my second post same as yours first one :D inch pinch !!

    Thnku !

  11. I have wanted to try ginger ale for sometime ... this is a great recipe! And those pakoras look absolutely delectable ... and with mushrooms too ... who would have ever thought!

  12. @Sheetal,
    Even I tried out those pakodas cos of mushroom, it was totally innovative !

  13. Ale cha ale. :D
    WoW! I could do with some of this... :):)

    And so much of Ginger, what on earth was he thinking?? :P

  14. Ginger ale sounds comforting especially during this cold season...looks too good dear. As for the leftover ginger, may be you can wash them and put in the freezer, this way it lasts for months. Yummy pakodas too. Happy New Year Dear!


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