Sunday, December 27, 2009

TnT : Zucchini Fritters

As I had mentioned earlier, there were loads of food language communication gaps between me and The Foodie, one such conversation;

HE: Hey.. brought Gilki for dinner

ME: G-I-L-K-I ??

HE: Yeah, we can prepare dry vegetable with this, you dunno ??

ME: (!!) :-/

Any problem in world, RING Mom dearest, confusion vanishes !

ME: What’s Gilki ?

Mom: G-I-L-K-I ??

ME: Green.. slim.. long..also medium length..

Mom: Shirala..?? Padval..?? Kakdich asel .. (Snake gourd..?? Ridge gourd..?? It must be Cucumber !!)

ME: (??) #-o

Yeah…sometimes confusion increases ! Anyways, with some help of Google Search I gotta know it’s Ghosala in Marathi and Zucchini in English, and we concluded to call it Zucchini from then. (though it sounded like some Italian or French brand name).From then we had been quite regular with this versatile vegetable, from dry vegetable to using it in rice to fritters we have tried it all. IMG_3020

I found many more innovative recipes related to Zucchini at this pioneering and mammoth blog of Kevin – Closet Cooking.Thanks to Hema now I got one more beautiful blog recipes to stalk ! (TnT an original idea by Zlamushka of Spicy Kitchen)

I found various versions of Zucchini Fritters here, though finally I made the basic of all, I have bookmarked others too.IMG_3018 

The only change I made was adding green chili to add some spiciness and added 1/4 cup of flour instead of 1/2 – as I wanted to avoid shallow frying and instead used Omlette way to prepare these fritters. Hence the look changed a bit !


Verdict: The fusion of egg and zucchini was new. As rightly mentioned by Kevin, the outside was crispy and inside was moist and green !

This goes to Nupur’s Marathon as my Recipe #4; Do check out the fabulous recipes that participated in the marathon on  Day 2. =D>


  1. Another great entry! I love the snacks and appetizers you are dishing up :)

  2. G for Gilke, G for ghosala.. :) Easy to remember. :P

    And G for Gunjaaish...
    And also G for Good job! :)

  3. That looks very yummy. Looks like zucchini thalipeeth. Loved it.

  4. Very innovative,never tried with zucchini so far...Nice one kanchan,looks delicious

  5. This remind (s) me of a corn fritter I tried once ... egg and corn .. this looks really lovely ... beautiful crunch on the outside! ... sorry about pasting the same comment again ... I was really bothered I missed an (s) after remind!

  6. I have never cooked zucchini .This recipe is new to me.Sounds interesting!

  7. This dish sounds quite fantastic..

  8. Looks awesome dear, I love the fact that you cooked them like omelets, love it :)

  9. hey never thought of making ghosala Fritters. Looks too good.

  10. My mom used to fry sliced zucchini in beaten egg -- your fritters look wonderful! :)

  11. @Nupur,
    Thanks ya !

    yeah yeah G for Gunjaaish :) thanku !!

    Its more of zucchini omlette :)

    yes, i really loved the combination.

    Wow I loved this idea of corn and egg too, will try this one !

    Zucchini is quite healthy from gourd family.


    yes, even i loved it this way else fritters would have required loads of oil :(

    :) yeah tastes also quite good :D

    oh wow I loved this idea too, sliced zucchini with eggs !

  12. Nice twist to zucchini fritters.. Should have tasted amazing.. Thanks for sending it to the event.. happy holidays


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