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Sitafal Basundi.. ..

Few of my blogger friends suggested Personal Tadka over Kitchen Gossip as my header name. And since I can't make up my mind about which header is better, I'll go by popular choice.So now you take your pick on which one you prefer and help this confused soul.
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You have guests dropping in @ last moment OR you just have an urge to prepare something sweet with you pantry empty !! Basundi – jumps in – One of the most simple and convenient Indian desert/sweet. For a Basic Basundi you just require Milk and Sugar – your pantry will always have this. Wiki says
Basundi is an Indian dessert mostly in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka. It is a dense sweetened paste made by boiling milk on low heat until the milk is reduced by half.”IMG_2981
The Latest trend going on in Maharashtrian sweet shop is the fusion of traditional Basundi with sweet fruits. My favorite among all is Sitafal Basundi. O:-)
You Need :
  • Milk: 1 litre
  • Sugar: Half a cup
  • Dry fruits of your choice : Almonds, Cashews and Raisins – finely chopped
  • Saffron (Kesar): Few strands
  • Cardamom powder : 1/2 tsp - (As making cardamom powder is mixer is a bit difficult i mix it with some sugar and put it in Mixer/Grinder)
  • Sitafal/Custard Apple: Deseeded
You Do:
  1. Using Sitafal: Prefer ripe and soft sitafal, deseed it manually. Keep the seed cover/skin as it is , do not mash to make pulp – it tastes better as a whole.IMG_2972 
  2. Mix it with 2-3 tbsp sugar and refrigerate it.
  3. Preparing Basundi: As I mentioned earlier, the most easiest way for preparing any desert.Just take a huge Kadai and boil the 1 litre milk to half a litre or more. Once milk reaches the boiling point minimise the heat below medium low and hold it for say half an hour. Stir occassionaly by mixing the generated cream with the boiling milk. I reduced the milk to nearly one third – boiled it for more than 90 mins.IMG_2976
  4. When thickness is enough, mix the sugar , finely chopped dry fruits , saffron and cardamom powder. Now boil till sugar dissolves completely. Done with Basundi :)IMG_2977
  5. Cool the Basundi to Room temperature – only then use it for mixing with sitafal.IMG_2980
  6. Always mix sitafal just before serving. The mix is thick and custardy :DIMG_2982
Of all the fruit basundis this is one of my favorite, but you can find other fruit basundis here :Meera’s Pineapple basundi , Strawberry Basundi and Nupur’s Orange Basundi. ;;)

Basundi goes for Sanghi’s FIL : Fruits and DK’s JFI- Saffron (originally started by Indira’s – JFI)


  1. MY My...!! What a lovey and rich basundi. Sitafal flavor to it is a great addition.

  2. Wow.... Me just want to jump in the screen n taste it!!! Adding sitafal is abs new, anyhow I dont get Custard apple here, so will try it during my India trip! :D

    Thanks for letting me know, ya, the page is not updated yet! I'll do that soon :)

  3. very rich..looks very nice..I love sitaphal..

  4. yummy...yummy...tasty tasty...yes i did come across basundi with pineapple too..have to give it a try..this looks delicious..

  5. Wow It is so tempting.I love custard apple but you need patience to deseed it. Awesome post.

  6. Ooh I love the basundi with my favorite are tempting me dear :)

  7. Its new to meeee..Sounds great.

  8. Ya, it's a trend now a days to add fresh fruits to basundi, but you have great patience dear to deseed the Sitaphal.
    btw, the avarekaalu are called popatya or vaal in maharashtra.

  9. basundi with a ur idea of adding custard apple to it...looks yummy kanchan

  10. I love basundi...and custard apple too..a mix of both is absolutely fabulous..
    I had tried sitafal kulfi and loved the blend of flavors..I m sure it will be d same wid basundi too..

  11. i never should have visited your blog ....i am on a diet and this is just killing me:)...beautiful pic..

  12. Wow.. dish looks yummmmm :)

    Buddy I would suggest you to stick up with an English header always. Do not go on with any regional language. That might not be understandable by all.. I did that mistake and now that you want to change, just think of it twice and do. :)

  13. Dear Kanchan
    Being a Bong, I land anywhere which smells of any thing sweet :-).
    I shall try this, but must find out where to get the custard apple in Delhi.
    Regarding change of name, I think Tadka word is unsuitable.Tadka means "seasoning". Your blog has dishes where seasoning is not given or not required. Kitchen Gossip is a good name has lots of suspense in it.:-)
    Oh yes , u can see rare and great photos of Himalayas at my Indian Himalayas blog,

    Happy cooking and then happy feeding ( others) and if any thing is left for you...happy eating !!!

  14. Different & tasty version of baasundhi,looks yummy

  15. nice recipe for basundhi..and a quick one too. bte I voteed for personal tadka

  16. Sita fal addition sounds very refreshing...I love basundi:)Rich and creamy:)

  17. @chakhlere,
    Totally Richie Rich especially with Calories ;)

    Btw, you also add strawberries or oranges, they too taste great with Basundi.

    Thank you.

    Infact I read about pineapple @Meeras but haven’t tried, would love to try it soon.

    True .. Patience but it was like by the time Basundi boils you have loads of time inhand !

    Thank you dear.

    Do try : )

    I know but outcome was so delicious that I totally forgot about my curses while deseeding custard apple.
    Okies so all these are recipes for Vaal, sure a try from me now :)

    Thank you dear !

    Yeah, I guess custard apple and milk mixes with a grand custard flavor. Kulfi ! Wow, tried @ home? Will soon give it a try :)

    Even I was on diet before and after I did this sin :P

    Thanks a lot for suggestion, I agree with you. Let’s see what others have to say.

    Will soon take a look @ the snaps. Thanks for the advice for header name, well taken. Let’s see what others have to say.

    @my kitchen,
    Thank you.

    Okies.. thank you for the vote ! let’s see what’s the outcome.

    @Malar Gandhi,
    Totally creamy :D

  18. Dear Kanchan
    I am sorry , I sdn't have made that statement, when voting for the name was going on.... I will go by the vote ..As Shakespeare said "Whats in a name ?" As long as I know where to locate Kanchan's recipe its Ok for me.
    Happy cooking and Happy TaDka :-)

  19. Love basundi..adding sitaphal is new to me...I will vote for personal tadka ;-) waiting for the poll result...

  20. Sooper gal.. I love ur Basundi...

    Heyy there are lot of websites... Will email u.. dear... Wots ur id??

  21. @Ushnish,
    Hey cmmon whats sorry in that, I totally liked your suggestion and I just hope this poll helps confused soul :)

    Thanks :) even me waiting for the result !

    Yups, mailing you for details :)

  22. Awesome.. never tried it but I am guessing its yum...

  23. I will try this recipe. Interesting one!:)

    Besst wishes.

  24. Dear,

    I know, you're a Great cook and I adore you blog.

    I am hosting an Event in my site about Kitchen Mishaps!

    Please check it out:

    Would you like to participate?

    I will greatly appreciate your contribution.

    Malar Gandhi

  25. Nice Recipe Kanchan! Sounds good,will try next time I make basundi!

    I wud like to have Personal tadka as your blog title :)

  26. We make this with a little condensed mik, cornflour and custard apple. Tastes so good.

  27. Basundi looks divine. One of my favorite sweets.

  28. @Nostalgia,
    Thanks dear, do try it :)

    Yups, do try and let me know. Guess firt time here, hope to see you often around !

    Thanks for info, too many ideas popping in my mind, will surely participate !

    Thanks for your valuable input on my header name, me still confused with these poll results :(

    Oh, i knew about condensed milk but cornflour, dint know, this really interests me !

    Thanks dear.

    Thank you.

  29. Kanch basundi sahi hai.. I am going to try that for sure.. :) okies and about name i would say let it be what it is.. I like it.

  30. Amazing basundi with nice combo everyone would crave for.Neat n nice space.Following you dudette.Kitchen gossip is better than personal tadka dear.


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