Monday, December 28, 2009

Kuskara – Sweet Crumble

G celebrates her Birthday today, my cousin and lovely roommie for more than a year.Wishing her all the happiness in the world, love ya :-*

When two people with equal culinary no knowledge meet together – either we get some boisterous dinners or some beautifully arranged 3+ course meals.  Experiments might give Perfect dish while Reliable dishes had to be called Experiments often. :-bd

Some memories are like - Fried more than 100 prawns in a single go, prepared weird types of curries and  gravies without mixer, cooked not cooked hard sabudana khichdi , awesome misals, healthy thalipeeths, brought methi n having parathas for days n days n weeks..,,, too many to jot down. :D

We had gala time together! Sigh!! Gone are those spinster bachelor days!! :(IMG_3073

So thought of remembering those old days and prepared G’s specialty “Chapaticha Godd Kuskara” ! (Indian flatbread’s sweet crumbled mix). 

This is normally prepared with leftover chapatti – easy , healthy and yummy :D

You Need:IMG_3069

  • Chapatis\ Poli\ Phulkas : 3 in number
  • Jaggery: 3 tbsp or more as per taste – grated
  • Ghee: 3 tbsp
  • Poppy seeds: 1tsp

You Do:

  1. Grind Chapatis and jaggery coarsely – separately.
  2. Heat Kadai – add ghee, fry the poppy seeds. IMG_3070 Then add chapatis – sauté for a min.
  3. Add jaggery mix till it melts. IMG_3071 Done serve hot.

This can be had as snack or One dish meal as I’m having it currently :)IMG_3075

G’s dad used to prepare laddoos out of these; but the crumble itself gives out such a beautiful aroma I never had the patience to prepare laddoos. I found one similar Laddoo recipe @ shilpas Aayi’s recipe.

This runs as my Recipe #5 for Nupur’s Recipe Marathon; Do check out the fabulous recipes that participated in the marathon on Day 3. As this is one of the creative dish I’ve prepared sending this to Sanjana for her ‘Create for a Chilli Chopper!’. Also sending to RV for her Think Spice- Poppy seeds event, brainchild of Sunita.


  1. Happy b'day to your friend...this is a new dish for me.Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. hey this was my favorite snack too. Just love it...!!!

  3. Nice reading about your "bachelor"days dear :) This dish sounds interesting, will definitely try it :)

  4. Bday wishes to your Friend,thats a really interesting dish,looks very nice as well...thanks for the recipe,will try it out once

  5. Oh, this totally reminds me of ladus my mother made with left-over chapatis! Sweet and so reminiscent of home :) Thank you for posting this Kanchan!

  6. Its new to me...Looks interesting and delicious...

  7. Wowwwww... Thanks :) To all those who referred to me as Kanchan's friend, thank you. I am her cousin actually, but we have been more of friends throughout so I shall let that go.

    Yes, the experiments with food and domestic disasters were innumerable when we stayed together. It seems like she improved on that front and I am still grappling and coming to terms with having to cook a healthy meal daily. :(

    But I am proud of her. :) She finally budged to my not-so-gentle prodding and started this food blog. And it has become my one-stop shop for recipes now. :D

    *Why is this sounding like a Oscar winning thank you speech. I stop.

  8. Dear Kanchan
    I know your Foodie but was wondering who is G until I eread her comments..My birthday wish to her !
    Hey this is a great dish, I think I should roll out few more chapati so that I can make it tomorrow.
    And as usual enjoyed your great sense of humor while reading the intro!!
    Regarding sweet water fish ( small ones) I will get back to you, My elder daughter works in Mumbai and cooks too. I will ask her.
    But non of my Marathi friends,who eats sea fish, just cant eat river or pond fish, they say it has strange smell!!! So be careful!!!
    Let me go and peep at G's place.
    Happy New year to you and family.

  9. @Gulmohar,
    Even I learned about this dish just last year.

    Even I fell immediately in love with it.

    I totally miss those roomie days.


    Thanks sushma do try for sure.

    Yes infact we can prepare ladoos with these too , just more of ghee.


    Thanks for all (even the speech ;)) Love yaaa !!!!

    Thank you.

    Here in Pune we get loads of river fish too, even in restaurants and those do taste yumm. But we had never bought it @ home, dad used to say they smell differently than sea water ones.
    Whatever might be the case , FISH ROCKS !! :D

  10. what a simple dish, my kids would totally like like them.

  11. Would you need to toast the left over chappatis to make them stiff and then powder them? I have four chappatis right now and this looks tempting!

  12. @radha: No, you roast them with the jaggery and poppy seeds. Not differently. :)
    Im not an expert but I know the basics, after all it was me who taught Kanchan to make this... :D

  13. what a lovely way to use chappatis, looks delicious

  14. what a lovely way to use chappatis, looks delicious


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