Friday, September 04, 2009

Gajar Halwa

गणपति बाप्पा मोरया !
मंगलमूर्ति मोरया !
गणपति गेले गावाला !
चैन पडेना आम्हाला !
Yesterday, With these words we BID GOODBYE to our most beloved GOD !

Till last year Ganpati was just a festival for me where I used to visit my mama's place and then visit all famous Ganpatis around my vicinity. I considered last year the most lucky one as I could visit Lalbaug cha Raja while I missed this festival most, when I was in US.
But this year was most special one, The Foodie and Me decided to celeberate Ganesh Chaturthi @ HOME :)
We did pretty well , it was a combo Ganpati with the cocktail rituals from Marwadi and Marathi style ! First Day Mom was around so she was the one to prepare the required 21 Modaks , but for remaining 9 days prasad varied from all types of fruits , varied pedhas from halwai or simple coconut and sugar naivedya !
But over the weekend I had decided to prepare different sweets, it went on from Atte ka Halwa (first dish learnt from MIL :) ) to Gajar ka halwa (the only sweet dish I knew to prepare before marriage) !
As I took snap of Gajarcha Halwa with Ganpati , I thought of posting this.
You Need:
Carrots : 1/4 Kg - Peeled and Grated
Milk : 1/2 litre - Boiled
Mawa : (dry milk) 50 grams - Grated or in small pieces
Sugar : 1/2 to 1 cup (in accordance with the sweetness required)
Ghee : 5 tbsp
Dry fruits like Cashews or Almonds - Grated or in small pieces
Cardamom powder : 1/2 tsp - (As making cardamom powder is mixer is a bit difficult i mix it with some suger and put it in Mixer/Grinder)
You DO:
1. Heat Ghee in Kadhai, Saute the grated carrots for some time - carrots turn reddish.
2. Mix the milk (both boiled and dried milk) with carrots and cook over medium heat with stirring occassionaly. (so that it doesn't stick to kadhai)

3. When milk dries up , add sugar , cardamom powder and dry fruits if any.
Last time I had garnished with loads dry fruits ! (This time as Aarti time was running din't garnish, so the snap taken ekdum ghai ghai main ! :( )

I would like to send this to Priti and Purva for their Festive Food Event - 'FF'

Also sending this to Suchi for her WYF: Festive treat


  1. everthing looks divine, thank you for the delicious entry for the event

  2. Hi Kanchan,
    Thanks for stopping by - welcome to the world o food blogging. Hope you are going to make some interesting discoveries and enjoy this journey :)

    Apu @ Annarasa

  3. @Purva,
    Thanks !

    ThankS! yeah me loving this new passion :)

  4. Hey people. I was amongst the few to taste this. And boy, I liked it!

  5. Everything looks so gr8t..
    thank you for dropping by and for lovely comments.

  6. @G,
    I know you are among my first Ginnie pigs !!

    Thanks !

  7. Hmm..Delicious, even Ganesha would have enjoyed it..Thanks for the entry


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